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    Clarke Griffin Appreciation Week:

      Day 7: Rainbow

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    I'm trying. I'm trying all the time. But eveyone's counting on me and it's so hard.

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    I love how The 100 characters dealt with the cliche love triangle storyline.

    I love that Raven and Clarke chose themselves, not Finn, despite the fact that Finn is the only person Raven knows and the first of the 100 that Clarke really trusted.

    I love that Clarke didn’t love Finn, that she understood that infatuation and sexual attraction don’t equal love. And that she hurt anyway, because she still trusted him, and he broke that trust.

    I love that Clarke completely and utterly refused to indulge in Finn’s wishy-washy I love you but I also love her bullshit.

    I love that Clarke didn’t blame Raven (and Raven didn’t blame Clarke, which, how often do you see that in media). All the fault in this lies with Finn, and we’re made completely aware of that.

    I love that Raven’s decision to sleep with Bellamy ended with him looking completely thrown (besotted) and her figuring out that no, it really didn’t help, but she’s strong enough to get through it.

    I absolutely love that Clarke and Raven immediately became friends, and that Clarke would (and does) choose Raven first.

    I also love that Finn is left without anyone, because zero, actually ten days? There was no way they were going to float a mechanic, especially not one who’s a prodigy and could maybe give them more time. Raven was still alive, and he could have at least thought of that.

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    all i want in life is josh vokey and kathryn alexandre at comic con next year

    Kevin Hanchard though

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    Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

    all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

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siriusxm: #TatianaMaslany from #OrphanBalck. #EWRadio #EWLive #EWComicCon #SiriusXM @ewlive @tatmas @orphanblacktv

#that smile could stop a war#or start one

    siriusxm: #TatianaMaslany from #OrphanBalck. #EWRadio #EWLive #EWComicCon #SiriusXM @ewlive @tatmas @orphanblacktv

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well? can he????


    well? can he????

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    tat said they don’t prank each other on set, but honestly all she needs to do is be dressed up as one clone and act like another and i’m pretty sure that will do the trick

    *in Helena costume* *Alison voice* Felix, I can’t go to jail. I don’t have the temperament.

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    cause of death: dianna agron playing a lesbian stripper
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